Why is pruning your trees important?

Branch Trimming

Trimming your tree's branches, also called tree pruning, is a vital process that helps to keep your trees healthy and looking great.  Pruning stimulates growth and improves the tree's overall health.

Pruning trees is necessary to improve sunlight penetration and increase air movement throughout the tree.

Diseased or rotten limbs can be a source of disease for years to come, so it is important to have the toxic branches removed.

Branches that are crossing over or touching other branches will lead to shading problems, and if they rub together in the wind, that can lead to open wounds and become entry points for insects and diseases.

Frequently removing older stems encourages a plant to put energy into new growth, keeping the plant young and constantly replenishing itself.

For fruit trees, pruning can increase the amount and quality of fruit, flowers and foliage. Pruning at the right time of the year and in the right places can increase the number of shoots produced by the plant, which will increase the yield.

Last but not least, tree pruning will allow you to shape the tree in a manner that makes it most aesthetically pleasing, helping increase the look of the environment it is in.